Parker BrownNovember 3, 2016

Average: 5.0

Life changing

Deidra is a kind, humble, and approachable teacher. Her creative and thoughtful approach to yoga and extensive training in myofascial release gave me the skills to develop an effective, meaningful, and real-life incorporation needed to improve my well being.
Engagement in her classes will only bring you closer to a place of wellness.

Lauren CarrSeptember 26, 2016

Average: 5.0

Life Saver

After two decades of abusing my body as a musician, my methods of pain management were purely reactionary - chiropractic, massage, active stretching. Deidra changed everything. She has taught me how to listen to my body before it cries for help, to be kind and methodical when assuming yoga poses, to balance flexibility with strength, to self-evaluate fascial restrictions and self-massage, to be body mindful and interceptive continuously.

She gives permission in class to customize and explore rather than pleasing the teacher and reminds me to be present even when I want to check out. Practicing with her is therapeutic, challenging, playful, rewarding, and often the best part of my weekends. Her unique classes are the reason I maintain my membership at the YMCA.

kaydel sheltonSeptember 4, 2016

Average: 5.0

life changing!

I cannot express how appreciative I am for Deidra's knowledge and passion for body wellness! She has given me the tools to care for my body through injury and emotional ups and downs! She is always learning and incredibly excited and new awakenings in her knowledge of body movement. It takes courage to really learn your body and how it responds to the challenges of this life. But once you practice with Deidra, you cannot help but yearn for this knowledge on a daily basis! I wish she taught daily because I would be there! 

laura thompson

RN - BSN Utah Hematology/Oncology

April 5, 2013, laura worked with Deidra but at different companies

Deidra is an expert in her work and her client base speaks for itself. I highly recommend any of her sessions to bring relief, balance and peace back into your mind, spirit and body. I am an RN who utilizes her knowledge and practice to not only benefit me; but all those I come in contact with. Deidra's practice has a "ripple effect" on all those taking the first step toward the incredible healing power of yoga, massage, and myofacial release. She is an amazing teacher and healer. I challenge any person iterested to schedule a session for themselves to gain their own testimony of this life changing experience and practice.